Help and Support after

What is sexualised violence?
Sexualised violence is any act against the
right to sexual self-determination and has
many faces. These include
• (Attempted) rape
• Sexual abuse in childhood
• Sexualised violence in marriage and
• Sexual assault
• Sexual harassment in the workplace,
on the phone, on the internet
• Sexual harassment in everyday life (verbal,
judging glances, "accidental“ touches,
Every seventh woman who lives in Germany
has already experienced sexualised violence
in her life. Women and girls of all ages,
regardless of appearance, social, cultural or
religious background, level of education or
lifestyle can be affected. There is no particular
behaviour that protects against assault.
The perpetrators usually come from social or
family backgrounds.
What are the consequences of sexualised
Sexualized violence can have different
profound physical and psychological effects
that can greatly affect everyday life. Long-term
consequence are often underestimated and
not taken seriously.
Which support offers are there?
The women's advice centre Frauen e.V.
offers women who have experienced
sexualised violence professional, personal
and telephone counselling (anonymous if
desired), information on medical and
therapeutic possibilities, advice on the
subject of complaints, court proceedings
and anonymous forensic evidence.
Anonymous securing of evidence
In the case of rape or sexual abuse there
are usually no witnesses. Therefore it can
become important to have traces secured
for a possible procedure.
In order not to have to decide immediately
after the crime about a complaint, there is
the possibility to get medical care in the
hospital and have crime traces anonymously
secured. The traces are kept for 10
years in the Institute of Forensic Medicine.
This gives those affected time to decide
whether to report the crime or not.
Further contacts
The Violence against Women Helpline is an
offer of help for women affected by
You can contact us on 08000 116 016
or by online counselling, for anonymous
free advice around the clock. If you wish,
qualified and multilingual counsellors will
support and refer you to local support